Our unit was formed in Sept 2009 to accomodate our older guides (plus it gave us more opportunities to go on camp!).  We are currently the only senior section unit in Widnes welcoming rangers, young leaders and adult leaders alike.  We are always looking for opportunites to socialise with other SS and explorer units across Merseyside and Cheshire! 

Residant Pyromaniac!

Member of GGUK for 20+ years, Senior Section Advisor and Assistant Guide Guider for 10+ years - Gosh I am old!

GGUK has provided me with oppotunities to travel and build campfires legitatametley.  I enjoying trying new exciting and potentially dangerous activities but most importantly GGUK has allowed me to make lots of good friends!


I was a brownie and guide and a member of GGUK for 7 years so far.  It is a good way to make freinds and a good way to make a monday night funny :-) 

Senior section advisor and Guide Guider in Charge! 

Rachel is the Widnes divison International Advisor.  She will be visiting Japan during October 2010 with GGUK.


Georgia is a young leader with our guide unit and the first ranger to make her promise with this unit! 

 Advisor in training!

Jess made her promise on camp!

New to guiding but certainly not shy!  You can generally hear Becka before you can see her! 

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