Someone (Georgia) had a clever idea that we should try and camp in each of the four seasons, so when the opportunity to camp on 2nd/3rd January arose we jumped at the chance.  Little did we know there would be 30cm of snow on the floor, as it was one of the coldest winters since 1981! Snow had fallen all over xmas and we left home unsure if we would be camping or moved into Waddow hall. 

We arrived to see guides and senior section member clearing snow from the field in order to pitch their tents.  As the sun went down so did the temperature, we piled on the layers of clothing and began to pitch our tent craming 8 people in to try and keep warm!  We welcomed the idea of an evening of craft activities indoor before our campfire on the top of the hill in a blizzard.  There are only so many actions song you can do to keep warm, and when Laura said she was ready to leave (and miss the campfire) we knew it was cold!  We defrosted over a cup of tea and a game of bingo before venturing out into our tents.  Despite several blankets, camping mats and many layers of clothes we had a particularly uncomfortable night, with ice forming on the inside of the tent as temperature drop to well below freezing (-8c).  It was that cold the we couldn't light the gas heater! 

The following morning we all clambered into Waddow Hall to thaw out and enjoy breakfast before a morning of outdoor activities.  After rescuing the cars we made our way home, vowing never again but......

All Saints Big Adventure
Friday 28th May -  Tuesday 1st June 2010

We were joined by All Saints rainbows, brownies and guides at our centenary camp held at Pettypool, along with our friends from St Lukes.  We enjoyed several days camping in our new lightweight backpacking tents outside the ranger den.  Clive and Keith helped us cook breakfast ~ much to Laura's annoyance!

We enjoyed a day at the races dressed as horses as we ran around our racecourse in olave field much to the amusment of the others.  Congratulations Sophie for winning the All Saints Grand National! We made centenary lanterns which were paraded around the forest down to campfire hollow which the leaders had decorated with fairy lights.  It looked magical! We sang our favourite songs around the campfire and several of St Luke's guides made their promise.  We later enjoyed lots of carnival games and had our photos taken for keyrings.

The following day spent the morning enjoying lots of sporting activities like the aerial runway, parachute games, football etc.  That afternoon we went back in time (in the rain!) learning about guiding traditions and 
enjoying an 80s disco and a good film in the dry.  

also spent a day in the future taking in part in lots of space themed science experiment including testing mento rocket fuel. In the evening we enjoyed making lots of different crafts in the dabble tent as well as enjoying a pamper or relaxing in the chill out zone.

Our final day was spent enjoying a 'its a knockout' competition in our teams - elves, pixies, sprites and gnomes.  We had a great time playing air rade with water bombs, sorting balls and playing on the inflatable assault course dressed as sumo wrestlers!  We started a water fight soaking everyone in sight!  We finished camp with All saints got talent contest. There was a fine collection of songs and dances and special guest: An ABBA tribute act ~ the guiders!!  Well done Amy (guides) for Winning the competition!

Getaway Gig
We joined Cheshire Boarder guides and senior section 
at Chester Showground for our own Glastonbury like festival.  Fortunately we had fabulous weather, the sun was shining so we didn't get the full mud experience.  We enjoyed some great music including Pegasus Bridge (who gave us ahout out!) and Twenty Twenty and danced the night away amidst a sea of flashing ears.  The atmosphere was electric with Jess and Laura jumping up and down in the middle (unlike most of the other guiders who sat at the edge!).  We got to meet the band and have photos taken with them and they signed stuff for us which was great! We sampled all the facilities, including the first aid tent as Becka had just had her belly button pierced!
gig photos here

Vision: Centenary Finale
We joined All Saints rainbows, brownies and guides to celebrate the end of our centenary year at 8.10pm on 20 October 2010 – 20:10 20/10 2010.
We shared one moment in time with thousands of Girlguiding UK members around the world.  We enjoyed WAGGGS crafts, a centernary cake, a huge campfire in the garden of hope where we set off chinese lanterns.  We reflected on the fun of the last year and what the promise means to each of us by watching videos and reading the displays.  We also explored our hopes and dreams for the future, sharing the vision of GGUK.  Several of us made our Ranger promises - a truly once in a lifetime event. 

Laura, Hannah, Georgia, Sophie, Laura and Jessica (Left to Right)

Images: Microsoft clip art and BOGUK

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